About me

Im passionate about weddings. Destionation weddings, cultural weddings, personalized weddings and all the ones in between. I guess I am more than passionate about them. I truly LOVE weddings. To be a part of someone´s wedding day is special and to be someone´s wedding photographer is simply great! The love story shared, the beautiful natural light, the travels to discover new, wonderful places and the laughter from the bottom of two, madly in love, hearts. I would love to be a part of your wedding day by being the one who re-tells it through the camera. Professional, with a big smile, great support and with all the care it desevers.

For you, to always.

Jag är beroende av att resa, se världen, uppleva den tillsammans med er. Var ni än gifter er, ta mig med. Jag lovar - ni kommer inte ångra er!

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